Thursday, August 16, 1901 5:52:10 PM
Message From: Nancy and Steven Van Beusekom,,Internet
Subject: Walltent
To: Chuck Strinz

Dear Don,

Just wanted to tell you we received our repaired tent and it looks like the repairs will do a fine job. Just to remind you. I talked to you at Polebridge about the problem I was having with my walltent. You were very nice to come done and look at our problem. Imediately you recognized the problem and said you would fix it no charge, as it was a mistake in sewing. As a sastifed customer you can expect a lot of praise out of me for a great product and a company that stands behind what they sell.

Thanks again.

PS. You tell some good jokes. Hope that our trails cross again.

Steven & Nancy Van Beusekom

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