W. Stephen Foote
424 Mahogany Street
Spring City TN 37381-3410

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Dear Mr. Strinz,

I am writing this letter to let you know how completely satisfied I have been with my Sioux tipi. When I first ordered it, you convinced me to buy the 18 foot tipi rather than the 16 foot that I thought I wanted. You were so right and my 18 footer and I have had many an enjoyable outing. Although I am 65 years old and am a small man, I am able to easily put up my tipi without any help.

A few weeks ago I attended a rendezvous at David Crockett State Park in Tennessee. While there, two Indians came up to my tipi an asked how I was able to get the canvas so tight. As a little white man with a big tipi, my head swelled to three times itís normal size as I explained about the brass rings that I had tied to the tipi liner. It is the combination of getting the initial tripod close to size and using the liner in conjunction with the sharpened bottoms of the poles and the brass rings that sets up the canvas for final tightening with the wooden steaks. Iím sure glad you told me about those brass rings, and I am also glad that my head has returned to normal size.

This coming January will be the third year that I have spent an entire month in the tipi. Last year the temperature got down to 20 degrees and the tipi heated up just fine. In fact, at day break I put on a pot of coffee, opened my door flap and announced:

Hot, fresh coffeeÖ..nice warm tipi!

Within minutes my tipi was full of cold people enjoying the value of a tipi.

My tipi works just fine. It doesnít leak in heavy rains. It stays warm when it is cold outside. Strong winds donít bother it. It is an excellent and well made tipi. As for the Indians that originally designed it? Well, they got it right.

My thanks to you from a happy customer,

Steve Foote

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