Boy Scouts of America
St. Paul Anglican Church
7200 North Wickham Rd.
Melbourne, FL 32940

June 11, 2000

Mr. Don Strinz
2325 West "O" Street Road
Milford, Nebraska 68405

Dear Don:

Allow me to thank you once again for all the help and guidance with our Strinz Tipi. Scouting, for me, has always been a way of getting closer to my family. Well, this was certainly going to be a test of our devotion to each other. I have never before attempted to erect a Tipi, but my wife and I, with the help of my children and your video, did just that. While it was indeed a chore erecting the darn thing, it was also one of the most interesting of all projects that I have had the pleasure to work on. I am now certain that it will be much easier the next time around. Since that eventful day our Pack has been written up in our local and regional newspapers. We are also confident of achieving the sponsorship needed to defer the cost of the Tipi.

It may be somewhat hard to tell from the picture, but the Tipi is on Church property right off of the main road here in Suntree, Florida. Everyone comments on its uniqueness and is curious about where it came from. I have discussed the history of the Native American Indian with my pack and will continue to educate others who ask. This Tipi will provide more than an ample amount of stories for our cubs in the many years to come.

Sunday, July 16h, we have planned a "S'more Pow-Wow." In case you don't remember from your Scouting days, a S'more is made from two Graham crackers with a Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip filling, lightly heated over an open fire to perfection. We would be honored to have you join us for the Pow-Wow if you plan on being anywhere in the area at that time. If not, please know that on that night, under the stars, a story will be told of the great Tipi spirit. How once, long ago, a man of nature cared enough about a small group of lost boys to shelter them from the cold. How this man enabled them to learn about a culture other than their own and to help them appreciate who they are and why they should always continue in their hearts to be involved in Scouting. We will tell the story of how this man dedicated his life to the Tipi and to the great Tipi Spirit, who we will name "Great Chief Nod." We will pass the story of our Tipi down from generation to generation so that future Cub Packs and Boy Scout Troops will memorialize Great Chief Nod in the spirit of the Tipi.

Don, thank you for all you have done. I hope one day to visit you and see first hand the variety of Tipi you sell. I trust JD and Joanne Kaylor received my thank you letter for helping us with the shipping costs. Please thank them once again for us.

All the best.


Alan Frisher, Cubmaster

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