Complete Tipis come with everything you need to set up and move in: cover, liner, door, poles, rope, stakes, lacing pins and my how-to video Pointy Side Up, An Easy Way To Set Up Your Tipi.

My 13 oz Sunforger canvas is a chemically treated cotton duck material. It is actually 12.6 oz, but everybody is selling it as 13 oz, so I'm giving in and doing the same. In official terms it is marine grade, boat shrunk, mildew resistant, flame retardant, water repellant, Number One quality. Meets CPAI-84 requirements for flame retardency.

Call if you have any questions about the material or the care it requires. Or see the FAQ files (in the upper right corner of this screen).

If you need a way to transport your tipi, consider my Tipi Pole Racks that fit easily onto the front and rear of your car or truck. To see the description, click on Stoves & Iron Goods in the Product Catalog listings in the left side of this screen, then click on the different Tipi Pole Racks for detailed descriptions. Tipi Pole Racks come in three types:  Roof Mount, 1-1/2" Hitch Mount, and 2" Hitch Mount. Prices are $85 for one, $170 for two. If you order them shipped with your tipi, you could save considerable shipping costs. To take advantage of this, be sure to click the correct Tipi Pole Rack option after you select your tipi (instead of placing a separate order for the Tipi Pole Racks).

For tipi poles, and for other non-canvas tipi needs, click on Poles, Ropes & Stakes in the Product Catalog listings on the left side of this screen.

We also custom-paint tipis.  To see some examples click on Gallery of Painted Tipis. Call for prices.

Ozones also availble.



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