Don's 13 oz Sunforger canvas is a chemically treated cotton duck material. It is actually 12.6 oz, but everybody is selling it as 13 oz, so he's giving in and doing the same. In official terms it is marine grade, boat shrunk, mildew resistant, flame retardant, water repellant, Number One quality. Meets CPAI-84 requirements for flame retardency.
Pyramid tents are known by many other names, including One-Poles, Square Tipis, Range Tipis, Cowboy Tipis, Spike Tents, and others.
Call Don or Garrett if you have any questions about the material or the care it requires.
All pyramids come with our wide sod cloth and require 16 stakes. Shown with optional stovehole.
1-402-761-3244 (shop) or 1-402-499-8239 (cell)

Prices are for canvas only.
Pole & stake sets available, ask for details


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